The Paradies Shops

Whether you’re in need of a good book, snacks, or a last minute gift pre-flight, The Paradies Shops have you covered.

After Security Screening

Madison XChange

Wisconsin cheese, Badger and Packer gear, and all things Wisconsin can be found here! Plus, borrow books through the shop’s READ & RETURN program.
(Located at Gate 7)

Madison XPress

Fulfill your quick, pre-flight needs with traditional newsstand items, refreshments, specialty gifts and more!.
(Located at Gate 10)

CNBC News - Madison

The latest edition of your favorite magazine, in-store stock updates, and everything in between can be found here.
(Located at Gate 5)

Before Security Screening

Lake Country Travel Mart

Grab and go fruit, veggies, sandwiches, magazines, Cheeseheads, and more!
(Located next to the main escalators)