Employment Opportunities

There are various employers at the Dane County Regional Airport. To apply to one of the many employers, you must contact them directly. Contact information can be found below.  

  1. Dane County Regional Airport: (Administration, Operations, and Maintenance, including heavy equipment operation) As a division of Dane County government, the airport's hiring goes through Dane County Employee Relations, and the positions, when they arise, are listed on the Dane County website. Dane County Employee Relations Division, 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Madison WI 53703. Job line is: (608) 266-4123.
  2. Airlines: Each of the airlines flying out of DCRA hires its own employees. You must contact the local station manager for vacancy information. The best way to do that may be to stop in the terminal and ask at the ticket agent desk or by looking on the airlines website.
  3. Rental Cars: Each of the rental car agencies also hires its own employees; you must contact the local rental car agency for employment information.
  4. Restaurants: SSP America provides employees for all food service locations in the airport.  Email a resume to Shanna Olivero Shanna.Olivero@foodtravelexperts.com SSP America Manager, Dane County Regional Airport, 4000 International Lane, Madison WI 53704
  5. Retail concessions: The Paradies Shops, which operates the retail outlets.  The Paradies Shops employment information, or direct a letter to The Paradies Shops Manager, Dane County Regional Airport, 4000 International Lane, Madison WI 53704.
  6. Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This is the federal agency providing checkpoint security at the airport. You may search for available jobs here: TSA or contact their local Madison office by phone at (608) 395-6015.
  7. Skycap: Skycaps assist passengers with luggage and wheel chair transport. To inquire about Skycap employment, please contact G2 Services, at DBraney@G2SecureStaff.com or 608-661-4997.
  8. Wisconsin Aviation is the fixed base operator (FBO) of the airport, which handles general & private aviation and fueling operations. Opportunites may be found at their website www.wisconsinaviation.com