Water Conservation / Quality Improvements

Chemical Use

Cleaning window The purchase of chemical solvents, cleaners, and other chemicals for custodial services, fleet maintenance, surface deicing, and facility maintenance is limited to chemicals that are effective and environmentally friendly. A majority of the chemicals and cleaners in use at DCRA are natural, biodegradable, and made with ingredients to preserve human health and environmental quality.
The use of green cleaning techniques and products avoids the use of chemically reactive and toxic cleaning agents, some of which emit volatile organic compounds.

Glycol Recovery System

Airplane deicing During deicing months, the DCRA glycol recovery system collects storm water runoff that may contain harmful glycol. This innovative system samples, tests, stores, and discharges only clean storm water into the nearby watershed. Water that does not meet minimum sanitary requirements is diverted to treatment facilities before the water is discharged into the watershed.

Low flow plumbing fixtures

Water faucet More than 122 faucets, urinals, and toilets in public and staff restrooms at DCRA are equipped with water-saving low flow fixtures. As facilities are repaired, or replaced, waterless, high efficiency (dual flush), or low-flow toilets are integrated as appropriate. DCRA estimates that over 8.5 gallons of water is saved with each use of these low flow plumbing fixtures.