Ramp: 4,615 spaces
Surface: 681 spaces
Economy: 1,004 spaces

Parking Ramp Features

  1. Short-term parking (hourly)
  2. Long-term parking (daily)
  3. Handicapped parking on all four levels adjacent to elevators and in the surface lot
  4. Six crosswalks connecting ramp to terminal, two covered, one enclosed
  5. Rental cars
  6. Two wheeled vehicle parking (No charge, locks needed)
  7. Ramp clearance is 8 feet 2 inches


There is no unattended vehicle parking in front of the airport terminal. This area is restricted to active loading and unloading of passengers and luggage only.

For short trips into the terminal, DCRA offers 15-minute free parking in the parking ramp directly across from the terminal.

Parking citations / fines can now be paid on the online parking ticket payment system.

Call the Parking Manager, (608) 246-3394, if you plan on parking over 45 days.

Parking Information

The Airport Parking Manager may be reached at: (608) 246-3394.  An airport receptionist is available Monday - Friday 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. by dialing (608) 661-4804.