The Paradies Shops

Gift buying is easy at the Dane County Regional Airport. Or, pick up a good book or some snacks for the flight. The Paradies Shops has something for everyone, all in three, gleaming airport terminal stores.

After Security Screening

Madison XChange

A pleasant shopping experience awaits you in the Madison XChange with its array of Wisconsin products (gift foods, cheeses, chocolates) as well as books, snacks and Badger and Packer clothing and merchandise. The shop offers a “Read & Return” program, that allows travelers to buy a book, read it, and return it within six months to receive 50% of your money back. Books that are returned are either resold at half price or donated to a local charity.
(Located at Gate 7)

Madison XPress

Featuring traditional newsstand items to specialized gift shop finds, refreshments, or last-minute must-haves, shoppers will find quality merchandise right before they board. (Located at Gate 10)

CNBC News - Madison

A variety of magazines, newspapers and other sundries are available in this CNBC themed store. Need to check the DOW or NASDAQ before your flight? Check the TV monitor for all the latest in financial news. (Located at Gate 5)

Before Security Screening

Lake Country Travel Mart

The Lake Country Travel Mart offers Wisconsin themed souvenirs, including Cheesehead merchandise, along with other customary items such as snacks, candies, books and magazines. The grab and go food here includes fruit, vegetables and dip, sandwiches, muffins and other healthy choices. (Located next to the main escalators.)