Airport Emergency Exercise - June 14, 2017

Dane County Regional Airport conducted a simulated emergency exercise on Wednesday, June 14. Emergency planners, responders, and volunteers participated in the full scale exercise to test response procedures in the case of an airport or aircraft emergency.  Forty-eight federal, state, county, and local agencies, as well as more than 200 personnel, staff, and volunteers from across south-central Wisconsin participated to practice emergency response plans. View the photos here:

TSA Pre✓® Temporary Enrollment Center Event


Date:    Monday, July 17 through Friday, July 21, 2017.
Location:  Pre-security, Main Terminal Concourse, near South Escalator, airline ticket counter area
Cost: $85


Dane County Regional Airport invites passengers to enroll in the popular  TSA Pre✓® expedited screening program, Monday, July 17, 2017 through Friday, July 21, 2017.

TSA Pre✓® is an expedited screening program that enables identified low-risk air travelers to enjoy a smart and more efficient screening experience. For TSA Pre✓® travelers, there is no need to remove shoes, 3-1-1 liquids, laptops, light outerwear or belts. Today, TSA Pre✓® has more than 450 lanes at 167 U.S. airports. 

Applying for the TSA Pre✓® through this local enrollment event is easy.  First, we encourage applicants to pre-enroll ahead of time by simply clicking here and filling out steps 1 through 7. Once you arrive at step 8, type in your location “Madison, WI” and then be sure to choose  ”Dane County Regional Airport.” Choose Next, at the bottom of the screen. Step 9 is where you can select an appointment time (the first available shows, but you can use the drop down to choose a different date and/or time). 

IMPORTANT! To complete the application process, you will need to bring proof of identity and U.S. citizen documentation (such as a U.S. Passport or a birth certificate and a driver license). If you have a valid U.S. passport, that is all you need for ID! Please visit for a complete list of required documents.  

The application process is completed on site where we capture fingerprints for a background check and collect the $85 application for five years of service.  The fee can be paid by credit card, money order, company check, or certified/cashiers check. Cash and personal checks are not accepted.

Enroll in TSA Pre✔® today and begin to enjoy the fewer travel hassles of an expedited security screening program that helps take the stress out of travel.